Mommy & Me Mini Session | Round-up

My Mommy & Me mini sessions are definitely one of my favorite mini session offerings I do each year!! It’s not often mom gets to be the star of the show especially when it comes to pictures with her kiddos! (am i right moms?!) This year I had the pleasure of having two different Moms in my studio both with their little boys! We laughed, we played games, we had so much fun capturing these precious moments with their moms.

Seeing the love between a mother and son is so special! The bond they share is un like any other I have seen. It’s sweet, it’s kind, and very caring from both sides!

Thank you to the moms who invited me to capture memories of them and their littles this year! and I look forward to another Mommy & Me mini series next year!!

Until Next Time,

Anna K

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