Have you ever wanted to hire a photographer but have been overwhelmed by the number of options out there?! You are not alone!! I am going to share 5 tips on how to choose the photographer that is best for you!! (And it might not be me!!)

Tip #1: What type of photo session are you looking to book? Not every photographer photographs every type of session. Most photographers specialize in a certain type of photography. I suggest looking at each photographer’s website and see which photographer is proficient in the type of session you are looking for!

At AKorn Studios, I specialize in family, newborn, and portrait (maternity, senior, milestone) photography!

Tip #2: What type of posing do you like best? Do you like more traditional poses with everyone looking at the camera and smiling or do you prefer candid photos that are more narrative? Each photographer has a different style when it comes to posed or un-posed and some do a little of both. It might help if you find a photographer that you like to ask them if you can see examples of full galleries. Just because a photographer doesn’t show certain images on their site or social media pages doesn’t mean they don’t include them in their galleries.
At AKorn Studios, I prefer to capture a little of both styles. I definitely enjoy getting those traditional smile at the camera poses but I also LOVE to have some fun with my clients and get those candid interactive photos where we all get to have some fun together and get the most genuine smiles from everyone!

Tip #3: Are you drawn more towards Light and bright, dark and moody, or artistic editing styles? Photos can be edited in so many different ways and depending on what a photographer prefers that is how he or she will edit your images. If you prefer dark and moody but the photographer that you are researching only is showing light and bright, I wouldn’t suggest hiring them. Photographers spend many hours learning and perfecting their editing style to ensure its consistent from one gallery to the next and in most cases will not deliver dark and moody if all the images you see on their website and social media are light and bright.

Light and bright is my go-to style! I love to showcase the lightness in the landscape of our location as well as the brightness of the beautiful smiles of my clients. Even when the session is in studio, I will most often use a white background and light-colored props to ensure a light and bright feel for my clients. It just has a fresh feel for me that I just love!

Tip #4: It’s best not to book a photographer just because they are your friend or relative! I can’t speak for all other photographers but I would much rather you hire me because you love my work, my posing style, and my editing style. Not just because you are either my relative or my friend. Although I appreciate the business and support (believe me I LOVE IT!) I know how much time and work a client can put into preparing for a session so I want to make sure you will be 100% happy with your images. Please do your homework and make sure you are hiring a photographer that fits you and your style.

Tip #5: The last and final tip I have for you when choosing a photographer is what are others saying about working with the photographer you are considering?! If you are like me I ALWAYS read a review before I purchase something. (If reviews are available) I feel like hiring a photographer is no exception. Look at their facebook, their instagram, their website. Have people had a good experience? Is the photographer personable and interactive with their clients? Reviews can be a great first look at what you can expect when hiring a photographer to help capture memories for you!

I love getting feedback from my clients! It helps me grow and be a better photographer for all of my current and future clients. Each time I read a review from a current client I spend time reflecting on what they have to say and how I can improve going forward!

That’s It! Those are my for choosing a photographer that is perfect for YOU! I know how overwhelming hiring a photographer can be so I hope this will help ease some of the stress and give you some great tips to help narrow down your search. I want nothing more than for you to have a great experience when capturing memories of the milestone your family is experiencing. These are memories you will have forever so having a photographer that fits you best is the number one priority!

I would love to work with you and help you capture some timeless memories of you and your family! Contact me today so we can work together to plan your next photo session!

Until Next Time,

Anna K

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