Celebrate your High school Senior!

I was so excited to dip my toes a little deeper into the High school Senior photography market last year! Each senior was unique in their own special way and it was so much fun to be able to showcase that within their photo session!

It sort of has begun to feel like parents booking professional photo sessions for their senior has become a thing of the past. Which makes me sad! Having a child graduating from High school is such a HUGE accomplishment for everyone in the family! If you think about it, by the time your son or daughter graduates high school they have spent more of their life in school than they did out of school….isnt that crazy?! So let’s CELEBRATE it!! Let’s help your son or daughter feel so special by making them the star of the show!!

When booking a Senior portrait session with me I will work with you to choose the location. I have many places that I LOVE to take pictures at but am always more than happy to take suggestions from my clients if they have a spot in mind that they are passionate about and speaks more to their personality!

Take for instance my Senior Camden. His mom felt that his personality fit more of an industrial-type location. So that’s what we did! We spent our session walking downtown MENOMONEE FALLS and utilized the beautiful brick buildings, the lime kilns, the underside of the bridge, etc. All areas that really helped Camden shine and feel comfortable during his session.

Outfit changes are another part of the session that you can utilize to really showcase lots of personality! With my sessions, I allow up to three outfit changes within the 2-hour time frame we have together. I normally will suggest a casual outfit, a formal outfit, and then a wild card outfit. The wild card outfit can be a sports jersey, a shirt with the college they will be attending, etc. It’s really up to you!!

My Senior client Sara definitely nailed the outfit categories! We started her session off with a beautiful flowy dress for a more formal feel! Doesn’t it just look gorgeous on her?! She then chose a more casual outfit that you could tell she was so comfortable in and definitely showcased her personality! Her last outfits were the wild card outfits, an awesome t-shirt with the name of her favorite band (which we also jammed out to during her session!), and another shirt with the college she will be attending after she graduates!!

I will definitely help guide you along the way to help pick the best and most flattering outfits for your session! You will even receive a guide from me with tips and tricks to follow when choosing what to wear! I want you to look your best so I will make sure you have all the tools you need to make it happen!!

In the two hours that we spend together taking photos, you will have so many AMAZING memories to choose from! We will have so much fun chatting about what is to come for your Senior’s future and I promise your senior will be so happy you did this for them!

Do you know anyone who will be a High school Senior this year or in the near future?! I would love to have them join me for a session to celebrate them!!

Until next time,

Anna K

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